Today’s headlines inspiration content is king whether it can continue

today’s headlines, the $100 million venture into the bosom of joy not dispersed, and met the National Copyright Administration involved in the investigation, to make it to eat out, some of the media’s taunt is nothing more than trying to pry copyright ice, hoping to share.

anyway, for making others feel is not very good. So in the face of Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper stride forward singing militant songs, many veteran media, regardless of portal or newspaper one be cast into the shade. National Copyright Administration of the "today’s headlines" network investigation is a new media platform, a landmark event, so many years of accumulated anger and dissatisfaction broke out.

knows today’s headlines,

amateurs watch the bustle, and the experts see the doorway. Before we follow the hot topics of today’s headlines right and wrong, we must first understand this in the end is how a product.

in the eyes of ordinary users, today’s headlines is an information reading application, you can see their news of interest, mobile news client products and Sohu, NetEase and other old news portal similar.

but in fact, today’s headlines are a completely new species.

in the traditional news client products, users mostly read the news filtered through editors, editors will have a strong inside, but in today’s headlines products, this kind of subjective factors is the maximum weakened.

According to

Zhang Yiming idea, headlines today is essentially a recommendation engine, the news is just a shell of the bearing only, he hoped that their products in the future to cover more dimensions of information, rather than the narrow sense of the news.


for today’s headlines such content distribution applications, in addition to the product itself, the technical level of the challenge, the greater challenge is to get to the original information enough, only to collect enough information, it is possible to achieve personalized distribution.

The tort of trouble

the headline today is in this part of the collection of information, some of the media headlines today accused of unauthorized grasping their contents, the Sohu v. today’s headlines piracy much raise a Babel of criticism of.

, which involves new media and traditional media, has been a controversial topic – content, originality and copyright issues.

content is king, can you continue?

"content is king" has been called a model of traditional media, but we live in an era of information overload. With the popularity of the Internet, the threshold of information manufacturing has been reduced to an unprecedented low point. On the one hand, more and more news is produced by professional media; on the other hand, the sources of people’s information are no longer confined to traditional media, the original contents of micro-blog and WeChat’s friends circle

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