New online optimization program before the line

website optimization is divided into stages, in the first stage, mainly on the website of the framework and puts forward related suggestions, the site of the URL made the highest weight URL, and reverse related station page connection program, and relates to the optimization of the site pages, of course, at this stage of our back office staff is my station optimization and reverse connect key counseling object, the search engine algorithm now the adjustment is very advanced, not allowed on the regular site try cheating, also increased the difficulty of optimization of intangible, but on the other hand, so I can do the station optimization plan for * * * * website, I am from a global perspective to think about the analysis of application, because we have real content, the content of a website is the most valuable part of the content is the meaning, we have to do Access to the station, access to valuable content, rich content, accurate content, constantly updated content is the key to the success of the site. In fact, we should focus on the content of 80% (if our content is collected, it must be re edited).

before the site formally launched, for the site’s early optimization program is arranged like this, I am prepared to implement optimization in 6 steps:

first step: keyword selection,

1. lists the relevant keywords

2. uses keyword analysis tools to find out more keywords and hot words "


3. combines our content analysis to organize keywords

4., finally we finalize the key words in accordance with the form of Pyramid into our station, we do not pursue a keywords ranking, want is the overall effect.

second step: optimize the hyperlink structure of the website

1. URL Optimization: the website URL optimized to the highest weight url

2. related connections: do a good job between the various types of pages in the connection between the station, for key keywords to establish a lot of reverse link

third step: website content strategy

1. rich website content: content rich, accurate, valuable, users like, the engine also likes

2. the increase in the original content: I the purpose of this writing is based, because if there is no original content, although the content is very rich, the search engine will not be love, if not, we can only do the original content.

fourth step: optimization and perfection of webpage details

1., title and metal tags Optimization: in accordance with the SEO standard, the site of all title and metal tags for reasonable optimization and improvement, as far as possible no optimization traces

2. page layout optimization: the rational use of H1, strong, ALT and other tags


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