Net worth billions of owners are fond of reading

the development of the Internet, many traditional newspapers and magazines onto the network become the electronic version, provides a lot of reading to the readers, but the reading is the webmaster webmaster advocate read a paper book, for the following reasons.

1: most webmasters a day online time more than 8 hours, and are very concerned about traffic or novel promotion methods, but no time to calm down and think about the problem, reading is a kind of can calm down and the way of thinking, but also let the station temporarily leave the computer about the leisure and leisure the way.

2: maybe a lot of people say look at the electronic magazine on the line, why read paper books? Here comes to a fine with the ugly, formed a book after the author consider a combination of the author’s efforts or experience in a book, that the cost of printing and distribution etc. high, few people willing to take on the dubious content of printed books, and electronic magazine is different, or many magazines or books just as a soft.

3: "the book house of gold, the book free Yan Ruyu", reading can make us all these usually drilled in the flow, IP dead end in the webmaster can understand the relevant information of other industries or other areas, may be able to give you a lot of inspiration. (case: occasionally look at the newspaper information found in Guizhou some of the native in the authentic agricultural products popular prospect on the market in short supply, just have around his home in Guizhou and her colleagues, home are agricultural products, has suggested that she go e-commerce network B2C to open a agricultural products the business with her relatives and the way of resources. ) so a lot of ideas come from books.

watched Phoenix TV interview the day before yesterday, Lu Yu, including Li Xiang, four 23-25 year old worth billions of dollars of young successful people, we can sum up, they have 3 common points.

1: reading less or poor grades when reading, but the mind is very flexible, the principle of doing things is either do not do, do the best.

2: are engaged in the IT industry (our webmaster learning example)

3: This is very important. They all like to read books, especially one of them who reads at least 3 books a day.

before the age of 25 is the number of billions of dollars worth of stationmaster dream ah, you are a few years old, how much you worth? This question you have to ask yourself, if we haven’t read the net worth of 100 million, because 2 before their common point most of us have been, we learn their third points.

, here are some resources for reading:

1: if college students run to the University Library of your school, the library of the university is generally rich in books. You can borrow a library card from a student friend

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