Small achievements to entrepreneurship failure a small webmaster 4 years of nternet bitterness ex


, one from Hubei mountain gully in the grass root, working in Wuhan for 5 years, 4 years of Internet experience, three years of stationmaster career, poor road, cry, cry, or even because of money for 6 days without eating, what kind of bitter are eaten in a few years, from the original one Leng head green now become an old head on young shoulders uncle, below share with you this a few years of Internet experience


stage 1: the stage of hardship,

07-08 a year and a half, of no fixed abode, often change, as a hotel clerk, pantry staff, restaurant service, program ape, most of the time in a non working state, what kind of suffering, what kind of tired have experienced.

second stage: basic stage

three years 09-11 years, is a solid foundation stage, work time did the program ape, network promotion, Baidu bidding management, media management, spare ground small list of some of the website construction, when the end of the 09 year of their own on-line only a website, this website to 12 years in November sell, make life first bucket of gold, not much, do not know can not count on a pot of gold, or can be called a bucket of gasoline! (now the oil price is not low)

1, 09 years this year, do a network promotion, also lay the foundation for the day after.

2, 10 years working as usual, on the site, this year only know SEO, SEO do not know how to do, but rely on some good relations in the group, a good link page for many stations, the website ranking has been very good, but the inside pages are not a ranking, plus some other mixed traffic, the site every day about IP1800. Just over a year have dizzy spells.

3, 11 years this year basically did not receive the list of website construction, I feel too tired, money is still too little, basically also give up.Net program (after then never written a program). About the website, this year also did not have any change, I still do not understand SEO. Also do not have how to want to learn, all day is dawdle state, website traffic is average 1500 or so, because clear trade rule, every months still can flicker three thousand or four thousand yuan.

changes the fate of the web site event

change the fate of the site is 11 years in October 24th, by a group of friends in the stimulus (just 5 months, Baidu weight from 2 to 6), we humbly learn from him, and immediately put into practice after 2 months of struggle, the website has improved, when the Chinese New Year holiday, many ranking pages up to about 2000 IP. Also on site after the rapid growth of traffic from a good start.

third stage: small achievement

in the first half of 1 and 12 years, changed a job, mainly in management work, the company’s performance has also doubled, >

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