The importance of nternet users to community websites

webmaster is a group of people who belong to their own websites. The webmaster communicates with the users on the Internet through their own websites and communicates the information. The webmaster in the network is usually shown in the net, they often have a dual identity who appears as a webmaster network, real life has another identity, such as Alibaba’s founder Ma Yun, he was elected to the ten outstanding stationmaster 2007 first name.

wants to be a webmaster of course is not so easy, not having a QQ space or blog is easy to understand, webmaster web of knowledge, to understand the application of management system, familiar with the domain name registration process, and so on all kinds of knowledge about the Internet analysis.

webmaster is the closest person to the net name at the bottom. He provides various platforms for Internet users for their speeches, exchanges and discussion of current affairs. Whether or not a community depends on the number of registered users of the popular and active, sometimes one post can bring a large amount of the community access and visibility, such as Baidu Post Bar fire "Jia Junpeng, your mother calling you home for dinner" event. Chinese doubled the number of Internet users, after the United States became the second largest Internet country, business is infinite, which is both at home and abroad in various enterprises want to Chinese Internet on the cake cup soup. Most of the site’s revenue comes from advertising revenue, which is determined by the amount of hits on the site.

2013 China Internet entrepreneurs (owners) meeting will be held on May, is to choose the best Internet users believe that the Chinese community, results are produced by netizens, each big website can be through a variety of ways for their votes, such as through the meager, WeChat publicity or propaganda will top posts and so on, but no brush tickets and other improper means, this time even more highlights the importance of netizens.

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