What has stopped your dream

Biden do stand also calculate for almost 3 years, but not much success. Writing this article today, is a self reflection of the bremen. These years, always feel like a headless fly, want to do a lot of things, every time there is a lot of enthusiasm to go wrong. Some things have been done, but did not insist, the best is tired, and nothing to harvest. When you see the information that you have done, you can do it again and again. As a result, tired, no harvest. So repeatedly, constitute a part of the daily life of the webmaster.

open the computer in every time, before formally to do things, first will relax micro-blog, "ready" about it; for the study of reading data, we more devoted to the collection of information; in this specious, extra work actually useless, time is wasted feel at ease, lazy with procrastination cultivated in imperceptibly. This is a positive feedback, this is a vicious spiral! So my specific time is wasted in where? Careful analysis has the following several points, we have to see, and everyone encouraged to correct biden.

, the first, never get rid of that damned penguin. The first thing and the last thing that comes up every day is with penguins. Every time I inadvertently touch it, QQ, look at the number of friends, in the open slow QQ space, one by one to see your signature and log updates. Originally wanted to write an article, or want to do a tutorial, just in the QQ action again and again, we lost the opportunity, lost time.

second, have the intention to open the browser, look at some websites. Such as A5, such as CHINAZ. Go aimlessly to see some articles. Or turn on Baidu’s news, Sohu’s entertainment lace.. In a word, these actions become routine activities. If it is calculated, there will be a lot of delay.

third, has looked at the homepage, has played the penguin, should go to each account to look inside own income to go. To go to see Ali mother guest income, then take a look at the Baidu alliance, look at the income of GG, or $0.2, tragedy. Even sometimes, also over and over again to open alipay. In this rich dream, our time is wasted.

fourth, it’s time to do something. Suddenly I see a very good program. Then go and imitate it, sometimes it’ll be a week, and sometimes it’ll change for half a month, a month. Well, I have a great sense of achievement and feel I have saved a lot of money. This is a waste of time, up to three years in the North station. Until recently, the North talent finally understood the saying: "the most expensive thing is free.". Sometimes we don’t just pay for Mao, Grandpa, but I also get paid for the liberation of time.

fifth, we also have executive power, for a project, a tutorial. We will also devote all our energies to doing it. But in the past half a month without income, a month

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