Yesterday stationmaster net buys link to be cheated once again announce cheater skill

I just built new station, to make engine included faster. Decided to buy links as stepping stones. So in the "behind the times", "24admin", "Adsense network" and so on, issued a link to buy information. You add my QQ validation message is admin5. So Admin5 is good.

Admin5 Posts link information: (

was later fully purchased because of the link. So QQ is set to deny anyone to a friend)

can get up this morning and check to see which one is cheating. Oh, no, it’s ok. Looked mad. Let me see how he is to cheat me.

yesterday, this was his Q chat with me:

stationmaster 16:46:40

, this is the game station, PR3


power is high. Good quality,

major online games have local advertising!


, www., yxzhan., com., CN, PR3

power is high. Good quality,

can I help you,


let me see. Ha ha ~ good, although included less, but Baidu update fast. And the outside of the website is little. In particular, there is no such thing as "private service" and so on. So I got two chains. On the day of payment and the chain work completed.

this morning at his station dumbfounded. Look at his chart:


so I Q him: (take a look at his chat record)

pig song cool 10:02:39

what link did I buy yesterday,


you sent a window shake.

you can drag and drop the buddy head on the panel to the window and invite more people to join the voice chat!

you have cancelled the voice request from the station owner.

pig song cool 10:04:35


pig song cool 10:04:37


you have cancelled the voice request from the station owner.

stationmaster 10:12:47

what’s the matter,


pig song cool 10:12:58

, what’s my link,


pig song cool 10:13:04

where did you go,


stationmaster 10:13:11

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