Tencent buy Kang Sheng grassroots Adsense can get a slice of it

summer heat wave has just passed, the Internet has become lively, Tencent acquisition Kang Sheng, became another topic of focus of the internet. Although there are rumors that the Tencent will acquire Kang Sheng, but only has been circulating in the market, the two day was finally settled, the Tencent acquisition Comsenz foregone conclusion: the domain name transfer has been completed, the Internet climax again. As for the truth behind the incident geometry, many still in speculation, Tencent and Kang Sheng official has not what is said on the matter, everything is possible, the Internet was a topic of conversation.

to the grassroots webmaster, the most concern is the acquisition of Tencent, Kang Sheng, what is the impact on the grassroots? Internet every day business acquisition, merger of small companies, small companies out to small companies, this is the law of industry. For the millions of grassroots webmaster, Kang Sheng is acquired, the DZ system, also continue to be free of the grassroots? Tencent Empire, based on QQ, the product all over the Internet terminal, if an Tencent imitation products set, can make a book. Imitate and quickly exceeded, which is consistent to the practice of Tencent, is the Kang Sheng, Tencent to purchase, do not know what clues, perhaps this is a new measure to the imperial Tencent break new field ".

acquisition behavior has just passed, the Internet has been a lot of "Tencent acquisition Kang Sheng" analysis and comment, in layman’s language, from various angles for interpretation. The official said that "Kang Sheng Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang will not force users to use the Tencent system", is also a lot of speculation for the purpose of purchasing behavior of Tencent, the Tencent acquisition in good health soso pave the way? "," the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng grassroots webmaster three camps, for the early acquisition of grassroots webmaster, have good news "Xie Wen: the acquisition of Tencent has little effect on webmasters Comsenz" and "acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng can make stationmaster income diversification", so that the grassroots are not able to use this platform to gain the Tencent


news that the revenue of Tencent of the year is Baidu, Taobao, NetEase and a year, or even more, from the grassroots webmaster can Tencent Empire slice? Chinese grassroots webmaster do not know whether the Tencent is willing to millions, and grassroots webmaster win? Although Dai Zhikang has shown, not the user is forced to use the Tencent of but the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng must have their own thinking, to seize this market grassroots groups, to achieve maximum benefits. Tang Jun said, my success can be replicated; Tencent said that I be able to replicate the success; for the grassroots, Tencent can bring what changes? Some analysts said that the acquisition of Tencent in the search for good health in order to pave the way search to win over more small owners will make what adjustments? Would like the previous Google general, billions a year grassroots webmaster and split, in order to obtain more grassroots support? Everything is unknown.

Tencent acquisition Kang Wei no conclusion, the future of the Internet is still very variable pattern, grassroots webmaster and watch it change, recognize the situation and then make adjustments. Adm>

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