Muzi white alimama Taobao guest AP to TOP after migration some impressions

received notice from 09 November 2009, Ali Mama official to stop Taobao alimama off API, today (i.e. deadline notice API operation), migration has been doing its own API Taobao off site. Fortunately, this noon has been completed, and now send this post here, talk about some of their own mess of feelings.

, every toss, is a painful metamorphosis,

in November 24, 2007, my first contact with Taobao customers, at that time the station to do a little because they do not understand, so the use of YAHOO NCP station system free of charge, set up a own Taobao customer site, which spent a lot of effort and energy, YAHOO NCP has been very stable, which also experienced a the upgrade was cruelly toss.

this time last year, I saw the operation trend of YAHOO NCP is not good, feel close to, on the other hand, Ali mother launched Taobao API passenger service, but the introduction of this service has been very low-key, not how publicity over. Because their work has been relatively busy, not too much time to take care of, and feel that the development of a API site is very suitable for themselves, so I began to develop this Taobao site today. During the experience has been forced to change the domain name, and so on several times, very painful, I feel just some stable income, will be tossing again.

, in the twinkling of an eye, this year, alimama, Taobao, API and TOP have closed, and this 20 days time, and began to toss about the problem of migration. I saw a lot of experts in the community, said it was easy to help people move. My personal feeling is that migration is really easy from the point of view of the program, but it’s not just a simple procedure for a website to move smoothly. I’ve been doing this for a while and just got 2 days, and Baidu started plucking, and on the other hand, TOP wasn’t particularly stable. Later, the transfer was implemented, and some efforts were made to make the income not too much affected. The process of this period is also painful.

two, when migrating, on the program as far as possible to retain the original link format, step by step migration

write code friends all know, some access interface parameters interface parameter TOP and the original alimama Taobao API off, if each parameter implements the TOP interface, you can achieve some of the original API can not realize the function of this format may change some links.

For example, the original

Ali mother API to obtain the promotion of goods list a distinction is interface query of goods, or the query manager parameters, and in the TOP interface, without this parameter, in order to be compatible with the original link, I let the page link address, continue to retain this parameter, just call the TOP API, not so, I just do the processing, according to the original category and keywords for the promotion of goods list links or Format >

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