Stationmaster story 5000 yuan industry website has ruined my dream

has also recently read some Internet entrepreneurs to share articles, feeling a lot, so think of an industry website operation failure of their own, in fact this industry website for me, a business is on the internet. Often hear the female man who said this sentence: "woman, who has not experienced a few scumbag? " if this sentence in the webmaster, that is:" master, who has not made a few failed website?."

first explained that when he built his own site at the time of a situation:

worked in a domestic company for about a year, and worked on the SEO during the course of his career. He once made the region + housekeeping company rank steadily on the home page for more than a year, and thought that his technology was already NB (otherwise)

a little understanding of HTML code, able to read CSS+DIV

worked for the network company for about 1 years, and strengthened the SEO aspects and learned some HTML and several commonly used CMS programs in

the purpose of CCB’s website is simple – making money

operation by means of their own manual to add information + to collect

‘s revenue depends on affiliate advertising and industry company advertising,

The Internet contact time

has more than 2 years (before work with network from


in computer science at

wants to finish the website operation

in his spare time

about it so much, if you are like me, now want to make money by operating the industry website, you can read the following content, perhaps to you some help, author:

carries a dream, decided to rely on industry portal to make money

as a webmaster, I think everyone will choose a website to make their own way to make money, and I have seen the domestic industry. Why do I choose this industry? This is related to what I did before. You know, my first contact with SEO was in a domestic company, so I am more familiar with the industry. At that time did not consider too much, inside the head just saw the page of other industry website and content, and current rank condition. At that time, I thought: "MD, this website can make money, because maintain their own grasp of SEO optimization techniques, since they think they should be more than easy.". I have seen that the advertising industry website hung, a 70*50 advertisement to write a domestic company name phone, so you can easily earn 300 yuan a month fee, then think this is too easy, and look forward to their future site appearance, thought to make a lot of money


was thinking of using some programs to set up templates directly, but think it’s not good for future development, and even if you use a program to set a template, >

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