Do website want method sale

says the latest changes in Baidu.

the night before yesterday, I searched Baidu at ". Hacker " was shocked by two words. The first page is actually a big change! Some free forums have also run up!

he made a mess of optimization, so he refused to accept it!       searched again in the morning before going to sleep; the garbage station went down. But the first page has changed a lot! So I decided that Baidu had changed!

to follow Baidu do optimization,   suddenly feel Baidu to  , Keywords and Description , not too much attention, and gradually began to pay attention to the following things body.

everybody stationmaster, might as well you also try!

and Baidu begin to be humanized, don’t believe you search " hacker world "   and   " hacker world "     incredibly all the same.     " world " and " world " the meaning of the two words, I think about the same…

, let me talk about how I added myself.

you to search the    the domain name, even there are actually more than 16000, ha ha, a PR3 station even so much surprised!

I wanted to be involved for some time ago. I thought it was difficult, and finally I came up with a good idea. I release station station source! In each source station, why is there such a idea?  . Everyone knows that CN domain names are sold for only one yuan, so many people want to do it. Some people who do not know the code also want to do, do not know how to write, think of looking for source code.  : so, the source station will also fire, the source station fire, I released the source code to increase, even with the CN domain name more.

, I’ll check the " hacker website management system " see? The first page is all " hacker world website management system " this is marketing!

just bought a domain name  a blank, all search engines are not included, I intend to in a month to flow up to 5000  and by marketing.

here also reminded the new station webmaster, no matter what happens, don’t be discouraged, persistence is the key to do the station. Which stationmaster did not pass through hardships and hardships, just succeed finally?   to be a station is to waste energy, not perseverance

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