Develop web traffic from ten perspectives

site to profit, no traffic can not. As a result, the majority of the owners racked their brains to do promotion, do speculation, in order to achieve higher visibility, so that more people come to their website, improve the flow of their own web site. However, there is no effect to the good, perhaps is not of the same, then what is the cause of promotion and hype some people went to the great effect, and some sites did not therefore go off it. In philosophy, there is a saying called "internal cause decides external cause". If our website construction is out of question, no matter what measures we take, I think we won’t get much effect. Have a good flow, good ranking is the premise, how to have a good ranking, how to get a good flow, we will be down from the website construction to talk about those measures will effectively improve site traffic.

first, good domain names are important,

the domain name of the website is very important, he will decide on your site in the search engine’s weight, a.Com,.Net,.Org will get a higher weight than.Info and.Biz, the search engine will also get more favor, then your website will be pushed to the forefront of search, access site traffic higher for you to get the best foundation. So, do not ignore the invitation domain name, domain name and name for your baby like to treat you as important sites, we recommend that you try to use the weight high website domain name in this domain, for your web site to get higher rankings and flow is more important.

second, the server is the core

if possible, use as many servers as possible, which will greatly enhance your site’s access speed and space quality. Of course, good servers cost a lot, so we try to be on the server that you can choose from within the realm of affordability. People’s patience is limited, and drawing a dozen seconds to open the web is unlikely to be recognized by users. Moreover, the search engine will not open the love like snail speed ", even refused to visit, then it will be fatal, because you will lose the traffic will be your great promotion expenses bill to be able to get the service, so please select must get enough attention.

third, simple and beautiful website design

in order to obtain the user’s favor, we must provide users with a good user experience, and this will also bring the search should be given a higher weight. In the website design as far as possible simple and beautiful some, and do not take bloated page design, flashz navigation will bring very bloated, so we design web site is simple, beautiful is the best.

fourth, clever and reasonable to layout website keywords

keyword layout is very important, but must not be caused by the problem of keywords, generally speaking, the density of keywords to do

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