How do the research highlights VANCL website user experience

1, and most of the B2C website, VANCL also uses a three site main principle, with a dark red as the main color, to the site location in the tone, while landing and registered in the LOGO below, so that consumers feel valued and respected here, check out this article Kunming website construction company – Kunming Delux original, please respect us, you will note from



2 intelligent mobile phone popular mobile phone Internet has become a trend, conform to the trend of VANCL (also with his usual fashion image), where the customer will mobile phone on the right than the striking position, 400 calls increase, bold, on the right of the first red gold position, the reason is very simple: most people still choose the telephone consultation and communication.



3, which has tens of thousands of goods Eslite website, how to get consumers to find ideal commodity is a challenge to this website, whether Jingdong Eslite or B2C sites are taken seriously, and the two seem to have used the same solution, is to search into the the remarkable position behind the LOGO, and will be left deliberately blank, so that the search is particularly prominent and eye-catching, let a person feel in Baidu search engines like the simplicity and trust, and some human experience is not good "advanced search" removal, so that consumers are more willing to use the mindless search function; the shopping cart the necessary toolbox on the right position, follow the conventional design website: application tools are generally in the right Square, from the horizontal line, from left to right: registration / login -> (search for goods); -> shopping cart (purchase and settlement), also hinted that the website is also true in the shopping process, the design has taken great pains.


4, according to the general consumer psychology design website navigation will be placed directly into the navigation product categories above, and put some "about us" and "how shopping" little practical significance in this navigation, Jingdong do not, while below the main navigation to refine the classification of goods, joined the movement and shorts, cosmetics and other small classification, this design is fully from the consumer psychology to consider, consumers can not be moved to the line of sight down the page, can directly find oneself want goods category in the navigation, and everyone’s consumption habits is to understand the commodity categories, and then know the inside of the small classification the.


5, navigation design is simple and not simple, and strive to show all the content of the site through navigation, this point and Jingdong >

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