Looking for Admin5 all articles did not find a few soft text

see Baidu Encyclopedia for soft Wen explanation,

soft Wen: as the name suggests, it is relative to hard advertising, by the enterprise market planning personnel or advertising company copywriter to write the "text advertising."". Compared with hard advertising, soft Wen is called soft, subtlety lies in a "soft" word, like a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and overcomes invisibly, until you find this is a soft text, you have not cold at the fallen into a carefully designed "soft text ads" trap. It is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect. If the advertising is hard WaiGu Shaolin Kung Fu; so, soft Wen is Wudang Killing with Kindness, a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, act tough and talk soft internally and externally, is the most powerful marketing tool.

enterprise through the soft Wen can bring their own some publicity or advertising the event exposed to newspapers, magazines and other print media, in order to achieve the advertising effect and improve business visibility and reputation to. Soft Wen in the current enterprise has become a very practical publicity method, enterprise planning department often put the soft soap advertising as an important work to do, often can do hard advertising can’t achieve the effect.

happy nets no doubt will soft Wen function to the acme of perfection,

soft text marketing success stories are many, the knife thinks the most successful is happy nets. A website that was born a few months ago, through its series of articles, quickly built the previously unknown three word word "happy net" into a well-known brand. The fall, even thousand oaks also want to borrow a steal dragon turn Phoenix to devour the brand. From the nearest thousand oaks enabled kaixin.com founded the network happy event, further reflects the success of happy net soft marketing (marketing success, no kaixin001.com Thousand Oaks will spend huge sums of money to buy kaixin.com, maybe this meter at Admin5 forum domain in the playing circle). Normally, Admin5 home page article 3000 hits / day above accounted for 5%, 300 hits / day following 2%, middle part (300 hits – 3000 hits) / day occupies 93%. The knife often seen in Admin5 happy network promotion articles, writing articles on the soft grasp degree is high, several articles on the day soared to over 5000. Admin5 is a growing number of small webmaster information website, happy net article in the portal and other information websites often appear together, click on the number of all sites is very alarming. By a series of excellent articles, plus its founder strong relationships and other means of promotion, the "happy net" three words in many Internet users in the eyes of a deep impression in a few months, in the process of creating the brand of "soft promotion" is not.

article plus web site has become a soft text,


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