After the website is built on the line content is updated how is clever into nternet hot spot do

every day has a variety of hot spots, every day need to update the content of the site. What makes people crazy is that so many hot spots, why is it more and more difficult to do the content? Can you put the two organic links, because in the Internet, hot spots and IP are equal.


why should we focus on the hot spot and link it to the content updates? First of all, a website that runs normally needs to be content. For content makers, initially in the content production, are created around the industry, for the novice, began to write an industry, a lot of things are new, so it is easy to write, but for a long time, the write write, write more and more difficult to meet. How about this


second, many industry website, every day in the update, do not stop content updates, the site also has the days and months multiplying, enough content, but still flow, what is the reason? Less attention? Or industry too cold? No popular website is dangerous, don’t take that industry, why do not attract more users? If not the target users, so that they don’t lose any, perhaps these non target users are potential users? If not, let the site lively time also many bad thing, this time, how to effectively improve the site traffic


finally, the original is good, better than the original, high-quality original, better than quality, original, better integration of resources. Why? For example, "journey to the west", is a remake of the countless times, subversion numerous times, there is still a strong concern, in fact, every time a "journey to the west" theme, is the integration of new elements on the basis of the original, including the modern, it is actually a combination of resources, resources and more, is also a kind of original, but the original is advanced.

is unable to write because it has no content to write, because it wants to get more users because it wants to create better content…… At this time, in terms of content, it is time to make quality content for websites with snacks and Internet hot spots.

advantage of using the internet hotspot is that every day there are hot things happen, such as the recent Baidu Post Bar "shut down" event. Baidu Post Bar from 2014 "hemophilia" event this year, almost every year to "do something", and this has been added Lu Qi and Tencent of the two big IP, we are making web content, can be aimed at Baidu Post Bar history, BAT scores, to express their views, aiming at the hot news comparison of the fire or the Internet things to create content. In this way, we can open up our knowledge, and also give us web site in the construction process, the content of the above to provide more depth of resources.

at the same time, the use of hot events, it can go beyond that because a lot of things we may not know the truth.

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