Garbage station webmaster where is your way

station really much, open the search engine to search what point you will find a superb collection of beautiful things garbage station, every time I burst out of a crazy idea: if the search engine can put all the rubbish station off the K


what is rubbish station? As the name suggests, to spread the garbage, garbage and garbage copy horsehead manufacturing wrong the horse mouth content information, can not meet the user’s search results! This station is too much, many novice webmaster is not see the look or because its thought is a problem, have joined the garbage station the ranks of the Internet today, leading to the garbage station rampant, caused the search engine to start a station renovation today! The fact that everything is to blame, you think to search users what kind of experience, want to search engine allows you to use such means to undermine their credibility to the masses? You are a webmaster, you hate someone in your station hanging on the horse on the pop-up ads, search engine and so a powerful enterprise? You have not thought of in the garbage station What had brought negative influence to the search engine and search search engine users? Punish you wrong? Also said the website was K all day and everywhere complain income decline and so on, in my opinion it serves,


more shameless also some old Adsense mislead newcomers to do dumpster, you have gone through a number of detours himself clearly on the network today’s mix easy? Want when it has been very difficult to go to be more people go? Where? This article is actually still A5 top, don’t the A5 administrator that making the garbage station is right? Support others do the dumpster? What do you have in A5? What kind of social responsibility and obligation? If you can give a novice webmaster clear navigation


saw some novice cattle B webmaster brag about how to make a few dollars when tempted, but you have not seen his site is K pull hair face painful nerve to vent the expression? If see I swear to you in this life will stay away from junk station really! G think so easy to earn dollars? Really think that advertising is honest people? ALI really think mother will so kindly care you grow?

too naive!

told you to do regular station income, novice webmaster! Do normal station usually monthly income of over 10000, well done hundreds of thousands per month are! Garbage station? The 100 station compared to how much garbage over 1000 / month income? Every day by people to free advertising to make money, because people’s awareness now increasingly high, advertising station becomes more and more difficult to earn, how many dumbass looked at his winning scam will expect to receive more and more, less, understand the situation of


do normal station, taking the normal route, earnestly to meet your visitors needs, you will get beyond your imagination return! You can guarantee the normal station as long as you get good rankings with a simple SEO technology, and bring the flow is a commercial high quality flow, operating conversion >

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