cn domain name should individuals buy

.Cn domain name is good, open again to the individual should buy?.cn domain name is suitable for SEO?.cn domain name what are the advantages or disadvantages?


still remember when.Cn domain name just came out, catchword is 1 yuan domain name. I bought the original. Later, with the increase in the number of registered users surge. Ministry of industry introduced policies to restrict individual registration.Cn domain name, only in the nature of the company can register. However, the Ministry has recently announced restrictions on the company’s registration of.Cn domain names. The domain name registrar also with playing the price card, transfer registration has obvious explosion drama.


let’s start with the.Cn domain name, and we’ll analyze it at 2:

is the first search engine for SEO, the official handbook that the domain name suffix difference will not affect the keywords ranking, and recommended some generic domain names is mainly for easy communication and convenient memory perspective. Some friends think,.Edu,.Gov such domain name for ranking is beneficial,.Info keyword ranking damage, and so on. For these, the author believes that the influence is acquired, not born.

second is for the user, the user experience is mainly manifested in the convenience of memory, versatility and easy to spread point of view, but also the impact of official authority. If it is a Chinese user, in choosing domain names, in addition to the.Com domain name, the first choice is the.Cn domain name. .cn domain name is very worth using in China because of its brevity and Chinese attribute.

.Cn domain name should I buy it? This is also analyzed from 2 perspectives:

, first, the personal brand perspective. Open the.Cn domain name, domain name advantage is mainly reflected in the personal name price, the price is 12 yuan per year million net. This price is pretty low in today’s domain name prices. However, this domain name is mainly personal brand nature, commercial value is not great (except celebrities). As an individual’s name, brand protection and personal name card website is still very valuable, mainly the price advantage, 10 years only need 120 yuan, is another domain name a year’s price. Recommended purchase,

second is a personal business website perspective. The opening price is.Cn domain name, the domain name of non obvious advantage, just have this permission, another advantage is relative to the.Com domain name is not saturated, some still have the opportunity to register the domain name, but this value need to judge for themselves whether it is worth buying. At the same time, the country’s monitoring efforts are still very large, and the risk of cancellation is relatively large. In this respect, it is a little loss, of course, if you are a regular enterprise, you can be self disciplined, there is no need to worry about it.

anyway, the Ministry has let go of the registration of individual.Cn domains, which is a step forward. After all, the spread of the Internet, personal Adsense is not small

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