Baidu ranking down reason analysis

may be caused by the following reasons:

A., your server is out of order at critical times and cannot be accessed properly.

B., your site has a robots.txt problem;

C., due to unfair optimizations, your site is removed from its index by search engines;

if only a part of the page keyword ranking down, or many pages of keywords ranking is very poor. This could be:

A., your inappropriate behavior on the search engine was discovered by the search engine;

The algorithm for the

B. search engine has changed dramatically;

C., you did some violation of the search engine, the new principle, or before the algorithm changes, is allowed rules, now is a violation, so for your site for certain punishment;

below are some of the details:

1, from the basic start: your server in the near future if there were not normal visit phenomenon? The server cannot normally access is lead to a drop in one of the most common factors, therefore, you do not need to make any changes to your site, to manage your server, to ensure the normal access in particular, in the key of


2, if you use the robot.txt file, if it is, then you have ever on the amendment, but led to some grammar mistakes, so as to prevent search engines index your site? In the robot.txt code or robot.txt position error error factors potentially many unpredictable. If you want to search engines throughout your website, you do not have to place the robot.txt file, the default search engine will be included throughout your website.

3, have you recently optimized your website? Potential errors caused by internal changes include: A. over optimizing a keyword, such as modifying title, meta, and other tags. B. internal link structure, especially the link text change; if it is out of the purpose of optimizing the modified link structure and link text, a novel filter will fall into the trap, especially caused by abuse of keywords, keyword density is too large.

4. Did you add a domain name redirection? Sometimes the search engine seems very resistant to redirection, assuming that the redirection is for optimization, use 301 instead of 302. This is a very important tool if you turn to the right.

5, do you have a certain number of meaningful links? Or is your link strategy "coming today or tomorrow"? If you use this strategy, it will work well. But if you add too many links to the small site you build, >

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