Depth analysis tiger sniffing a successful product is so tempered

tiger sniffing is a technology media website that has been established for only half a year now, and is analyzed from all aspects of the data. The site is currently on a three hundred thousand IP tour. Now the Internet numerous technology blog, tiger sniffing as a similar to the technology blog media websites, in less than half of the time can have such achievements to let people gasp in admiration, while the tiger sniffing is how to do it? Perhaps the tiger sniffing in the product concept and mode of operation there are many worthy of our the place of study, the author analyzed factors of the tiger sniffing the rapid rise in the industry and technology blog.

depth analysis 1: product positioning

the first thing to say is the product positioning of the tiger sniffing, in the current Internet technology and numerous dragons and fishes jumbled together blog industry, positioning the tiger sniffing quite accurate, eradicate tiger sniffing the official comments we can conclude that the tiger sniffing is positioned to provide dynamic enterprise or business information as well as accurate figures in the industry for the Internet practitioners the focus is on the business of two words. Compared to other science and technology blog positioning unclear, tiger sniffing precise positioning can be called rare.

The precise positioning of

is the first step in the success of the product, which we often mention, but in actual operation, how many people can do that? We have in-depth analysis of position the tiger sniffing, open tiger sniffing the front page of the site, we can see a lot of scientific articles, then carefully read these articles the content we will find these contents and stationmaster net, home owners of this type of website, in this view, the tiger sniffing still necessary? The answer is yes, tiger sniffing and nets, the owners of the house in contrast, tiger sniffing is small and fine, accurate and specific content is very high, and stationmaster net and the owners of the house is large and all, for all Internet practitioners, including grassroots webmaster, software developers, company executives and so on, resulting in a part of the group can quickly obtain Some aspects, such as the Internet business dynamics, give the tiger the space to smell.

depth analysis two: structure and visual effects

from the aspects of structure and visual effect of the tiger sniffing it, we all know the structure and the visual effect of the website is the site of the head, a positioning before small and fine, tiger sniffing in regard to the design of website structure and visual effects follow a minimalist style, open the first page of the tiger sniffing, the contents inside at a glance, everything in good order and well arranged well echo location, small and exquisite, the visual effect of blue and white minimalist design will not make people fatigued, if visitors visit the tiger sniffing, the first feeling is not tired, even love on this design, visitors back rate will be increased, this is a key reason why the tiger sniffing success. Look at the tiger sniffing the article typesetting, which content is not divided into plate, like water, the latest information on the front of the old information is slowly sinking, from this point we can see that the tiger sniffing for information timeliness attention.

depth analysis three: content and Resources >

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