B2B content promotion = success

, the so-called third party B2B website, is an online business platform for information exchange between buyers and sellers, and provides users with online communication conditions to facilitate trading opportunities.

of course, it’s not easy to be a reputable site in this field. As far as I am concerned, like my topic, it is essential to set up a B2B website in order to be successful. Promotion is also indispensable.

here to talk about my views, for your reference, in terms of content, a good B2B site must first have the difference in the peer site belong to you the one and only the information to be able to let the latest information visitors stopped to attract their attention. To comply with the above points, the originality and timeliness of the content of the website information is very important.

information on original website member information is always original, you can write some related articles published on the website, publish relevant information can be appropriately modified plus some of their own ideas and experience, but also can be said to be their own articles! These can be said to be the method can increase the original website.

the timeliness of information, that is of course to do every day to have the latest information as much as possible, like our logistics website, this information can include the latest logistics information; new pallet information, supply and demand of the logistics, freight line, trade information, I believe will do so retain old customers to usher in a new customer.

only attractive content is not enough, the promotion of the website is also very important, many promotion methods, I here a few slightly faster better: first, optimization of the major search engines is indispensable, and then can peer site swap Links, advertising can enhance the flow; the use of the forum, Post Bar, knowledge paste (Baidu know, Search ask, sina asked…… ) to reply to the corresponding questions, and finally add your website address; also can use Tencent QQ and MSN and other commonly used chat tools to add group post, do promotion, and so on.

believes that the promotion of good content and good, is an open secret to the success of each website! Thanks to www.honghai56.com Webmaster Station Network news feeds list www.admin5.com/top

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