Blog profits use the annual fee emotional retention

began using OBLOG. from advertising to brush flow from 3.. Profitability as soon as possible. Always thinking has not been achieved. Bloggers do not want bad advertising his blog. Especially OBLOG. can freely edit templates. Advertising is not good place for a long time.


from the beginning of this year. I shall pay an annual fee for each member. Not much. 1 years to pay 20 yuan. This may will be lost most of the users. Yes. But reduce the proportion that I was surprised. Only 20%. is mostly just registered users. When I asked why they are said to be there are feelings. Also I trust so willing to stay.


now. Old heaven have been profitable. Although not much. But I have been very happy. I closed the registration. The permissions for each user is very high. Upload a single file to 1M. they are old friends. I also recommend in heaven to do a new photo sharing website: 126 http://s. old. Optimization of heaven and can do 126 photo sharing. Improve the chain weight and search.

give you an idea and examples. Site cooperation and communication, please contact me QQ:65250942. old Paradise:

Admin5 comments: Thank you for your contributions! Although the article is short, but from free to charge this idea some friends may wish to learn from you, a variety of profit model of site diversity, do not have to change the flow of advertising! Hope the author can here with more friends to share your experience and experience! Thank you


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