How do individual websites defeat local information ports

around the portal is the basic telecom or Netcom holding, later to the local information port is absolutely difficult to overstep, almost inaccessible. It is another way to go upstream, or as a personal webmaster? The best choice is of course the local information port position is by no means a personal web site can shake. But, even so, there are a lot of people ready to Too Big for Her Skin, took the harbor banner, built its own local portal, for example.

as a local station, to challenge the local information harbor, the head is certainly not, we must use circuitous tactics, from a breakthrough into the local portal areas, gradually through the accumulated and meet the demand, continuously improve the station gradually towards a comprehensive victory.

one, style unified, ID pass

local information port, in addition to the home page and communications related pages, basically all other channels are contracted to individuals or other companies operating. Thus, to some extent, the powerful strength of the information port is dispersed. The information port does not look like a complete website, but a patchwork hodgepodge. This point we can according to the information of Hong Kong, improve their website, unified style, unified user system, users can use a ID with the total of all functions, such as the Qinhuangdao circle on the use of the system not only has Kang Sheng, CMS, and CMS and SNS forum, can be integrated very well. As a whole, let the user feel a unified style of the website, users can use all the features of a ID station.

two, with the brand of

rise directly to a high position.

local information port is able to occupy the position of the local boss, nothing more than the entry early, the background hard, only in the majority of Internet users to establish a strong brand. As the saying goes, stand on the shoulders of giants, giants than giants. Isn’t it wasteful to use such good brand resources?.

first of all, the port of information analysis, to see which channels are concerned about users, is more popular, from the election of one or two of the most popular can. Then analyze the popular channels and find the hottest and most interesting categories. To include these categories in terms of heat, according to the analysis tool, users can find the hottest keywords, the rest of the work, everyone will know, for these keywords, optimization, should be able to attract users.

three, flexible operation, users and affinity

Although the

information port has powerful communication companies as its backing, the formal institutions are large and the flexibility is relatively inadequate. For example, organize activities such as offline activities, it is very troublesome, and must pass through layers of trial, and finally reach an agreement. And for personal websites, these will be much simpler.

websites hold more party activities, meet each other more often, and each other confirms that the website is no longer cold

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