An example of a failed success

don’t go to learn the successful experience of others, or else you do not know how to die, to learn more about the failure of others – Alibaba CEO ma.

, this is Alibaba CEO Mr. Ma Yun in "win in China" in the words, I think the father of the network Ma Yun words very suitable for now, every webmaster of the website, I personally understand as two meanings.

one should learn more from others’ failures, and reduce their mistakes. Others may not succeed in their success. That’s why we’re going to talk about our failure today, and I hope you’ll learn from it,.

two should have its own independent innovation, do not rigidly adhere to the predecessors of things, do not blindly follow, and they should be innovative. The biggest failure of my construction is that I have no innovation and unique things.

well, then listen to me tell me about the experience I built, and I hope to help you.

I bought it in 2007 when the

CN domain name is one yuan a domain name, a computer professional graduate students the biggest impulse is their own a website, so I registered a let oneself very satisfied with the domain name, you think to build a learning oriented forum. Chinese network forum! With a few stations to users flat-share a suitable network space, remember when fashion is phpwind free forum program plus a CMS page, in a week’s time to debug logo template style what changes, and then according to the time of the forum "survival", the forum submitted to each search engine Google Baidu YAHOO and other large search site, and updated every day useful articles (although not original). The results clearly, a week each big search station included my station page generally above 5000+ the IP traffic every day 400+, then feel good, the passion four shallow mechanical management affairs website.

it’s time to talk about results, I think the result is the CMS homepage program was not good enough, and the occupation of resources is particularly large, the CMS program was removed leaving only a hair out of the forum, I don’t know the consequences of Lujiang too serious, because most of the data collection of Baidu to delete my article is full of death no, a week to the site K I fell, from then on my website has been into the trough. I urge with passion will not completely, reduce the website input energy, Chinese network forum also have been stranded


summed up his reasons, coupled with watching some of the online cattle SEO, I think the reasons for their site creation failure is the following error:

1, when I was creating a site is not exactly the goal and direction, and now think I was just a little impulse hastily opened a forum, and there is not a feasible strategy, not the purpose of development.


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