Experience and problems in website development


is not a successful person, what he wants to talk about today is to hold on to it. At the same time, he must tell himself that only when he insists on it can he bear fruit and blossom. Since the easy network was established even after officially entered the Internet industry, just come in those days not at all clear how deep the water network. In the night from the station to learn information, naively thought is to engage in sites like those network predecessors, and constantly strive to enrich the information, make false original, focus on key words ranking, more to do (not to mind taking the trouble is all kinds of promotion methods, everything). There is no denying that it did so at the very beginning. So just easy. From a beginning not what the popularity of the website, make a profit (as for popularity, IP what, I will not say. Saying more and saying less makes no sense. In short, making money.

because he has been doing traditional industries, to achieve this level, and can not retreat back, but want to develop difficult. In seriously thinking about the development of the site, I found myself walking a lot of detours; also can be said to have been these brothers (grassroots webmaster predecessors) to mislead. Of course, let alone to my brothers fault, here I just want to start, from the business point of view to analyze easily. In the process of development experience and problems above are nonsense, then that is.

1, about domain name – a sword that restricts development and growth

on the domain name selection, we are positioning the site Chinese name and inclusion of meaning, only to start looking for domain names. I remember that at the beginning. For easy to find a domain name, 4 bit and 4 bit following the basic domain name registered by someone else; at that time also want to find someone to buy, which know a 4 digit.Com domain family is an open 4000 yuan, we do not bargain, we bought in to completely dispel the idea of domain name so, to find a compromise; finally together with the domain name Yaoee.com. I didn’t feel like it at first, but when I ran to a certain extent, I found that the location of the website was not related to this domain name. Although the domain name and the Chinese name could still be taken up.

this is not a problem, the biggest problem is that you want to change now, dare to easily change? One in the domain name brings ranking effect; and now good domain name to two years ago prices faster than the rate of housing prices (through access to a 4 bit COM domain offer even at 100 thousand above, is not to say that there is a problem in my mind, or the human brain problems, all the people to the answer is "this is the lowest price".


sentiment is: to do long-term standing, the domain name must be good, when necessary, the shot on the shot.

2, about website content – site founder, it is best not to or less to update their content

believes this is the question that all websites should consider. Because the network is easy to store, do business lease transfer, information timeliness requirements are relatively high; the basic is being updated every day. So I updated myself nearly

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