ndividual stationmaster should learn to give oneself when oneself leader

Hello, I am "38PC net" station Book Personal webmaster, the eldest son, as the name suggests, is a personal management of a website, now personal webmaster have the site is raging like a storm, but really many! Can survive in this battle is the rare, can be described as a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore! One reason for the failure of many, not purely because of a decision, but I believe that there is a lack of, will be doomed to failure! This is the "executive ability", the so-called executive ability, is the test in the construction site, website, website management and maintenance management in the process of each link the ability to implement. And the best way to restrain the executive force is "leadership",


now the webmaster are smart people, a lot of construction, management theory all know and speak up (for example, ha ha, I closely reasoned and well argued, because I was not only executive ability feeling, hope u), all know that station will insist, do stand very hard and so the status quo, but finally by every webmaster "executive ability" to decide whether or not to be able to master the theory and idea of carrying out

!The main reason I summed up the

webmaster "executive ability" is not enough, without the leadership of the given constraints! Now many webmaster is a spare time play today, many are not the pressure of life, normal work, but not satisfied with the status quo, decided to play the website to see whether to play a world, if good then, you will get plated with a layer of gold, the successful transition to quit the job, concentrate on the station, many people hold this idea, but the drawback is that no drastic spirit! No death!

owners themselves to their work, without the leadership of the basic living security constraints, no pressure! And their toughness is not enough, his laziness can not control, not his initial ideas thoroughly carry out in the end! So will only lead to failure! In my case, I sometimes know this. The idea is certainly no problem, if I can do it. In my opinion, site traffic will go up, and there will be a return, but execution will have a lot of difficulties, a lot of trouble, for a long time, then this is a typical settle a matter by leaving it unsettled! No execution! If implemented without success is one thing but you! Even the most basic implementation are not to do it, you have no chance at all! But if there is an external pressure (such as a collar You are going to eat the northwest wind! I believe it will be another result!


I give webmasters little advice (and myself), since there is no pressure, will create pressure for yourself! No leadership! Will give yourself as a leader! First himself as head of the warrior! I’m sure no problem living arrangements, get down! At the same time when their own general! Command yourself! Strict with yourself! Must complete the task!! if you work in a Alibaba, Ma one day tell you a task! "

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