Why do you need to worry about content

today want to talk about the content of the creation of this topic, must also have a lot of spectators often wrote in a commentary: "I write well, but I can not write or have no time to write original content" comments like this. In fact, there is no need to worry about content, just need to find a pair of glasses to explore content.

may be the biggest obstacle encountered in most of my friends to write a work is "what to write today?" as if the write is written, or someone else is published, then in order to update a valuable article a bit nerve racking, isn’t it? Every day everyone has similar experience, but is all for the choice of content is not the same understanding. Because the definition of the value of the content is not just a very strong academic articles, not necessarily is a big shock inside, it can be very simple but very practical content is very close to the people. Do not feel that you can’t write good content because it is a very common grassroots. As long as the content information is useful to the readers, it is a childish content source.

The real thing about

is that content is everywhere, and it’s hard to dig for content. Introduce your 2 methods. If you are willing to take the time and try more, you will find that creating content is very simple.

1) read your own ideas,

there’s a lot of information coming up to you every day, and I’m sure you’ll have your own opinions and merge your ideas. Take an example related to the industry, for example, today you see two industry information, Google encryption protocol HTTPS to give ranking points, so that fans reproduced WeChat content 7 ways. Each message has its own idea after you’ve read it:

1: my website is a blog, no transaction page, do encryption technology necessary? Now the implementation of the SSL encryption is paid, so increased on site operating costs, they outweigh the benefits? With these ideas you can self interpretation of a lot of problems, you do not need to have the right the answer is in hand, but you can focus on these problems and assume some conjecture. For example, there is no SSL encryption and encryption of the blog blog compared to some of the ranking, or is said between test both the loading speed, the content can be a very good experience over the article, also can give other readers comments even divergent interaction.

second: the 7 methods may be good and logical. But I’m going to do it alone. It seems like there are several things I can’t do by myself. But I think the third suggested way is to give the customer’s micro-blog marketing. With these ideas, you can sort out a process for team promotion or an experience in your own personal WeChat account.

this is your book, (Ideas) you can put these ideas to enlarge, become a separate question point, explain your thoughts or doubts, combined content is >

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