Simplify and summarize the user experience of the website

Any product or service

of units including individuals and enterprises, only on the basis of people-oriented in order to obtain a good reputation and feedback, the translation in the website construction of good user experience is people-oriented. Below we simplify the complex, the logic of the stronger vocabulary popular to everyone about.

no matter which industry to do, the service can be said to be the most important issue, any successful companies have won the market opportunities in the service. For example, Lenovo, Haier, Alibaba and other well-known domestic enterprises is relying on the concept of "product and service, people-oriented" to develop and grow. The user experience to a leading enterprise to a small individual in the terminal customers feel invisible or tangible, accumulation and release of this feeling will react to the related products to brand and reputation effect.

is an example that everyone knows better. Volkswagen brand comparison is well known, why can he become China’s auto sales list of NO?. 1? And is in such a competitive industry, own brand also constantly update products of slow and simple case? The first mass can be said in China car market very early, won a good reputation in the first batch of private cars China official car users. Later car consumers will also listen to the experience of the first car owners. Sturdy and durable, high safety has become not only the people in the Volkswagen brand, has become a public terminal customer faith. Although the public is not at the center of the human race, the renewal of models has shrunk the inheritance of the previous generation, but this belief continues to affect the public’s loyal fans. Why can we succeed in the China mass? Is because of their products to meet the needs of end users, reached the purpose of people-oriented, in the development of later this group of users will do the free publicity for the enterprise, its far-reaching influence is any advertising can not be replaced.

again, a popular, we all know more about the restaurant industry. It’s impossible for the restaurant not to make money if a restaurant has served the service – the taste – the service. For diners to go to restaurants, that’s basically the three point.

Why is

able to perform wonders two example above? Is to let you put the user experience the logical vocabulary popularization. When you do a website user experience, you may often not know the direction, but the user experience is not so mysterious and difficult to understand. Below I repeat the website construction for everybody, need to pay attention to the user experience factor.

1. The importance of domain name: at the beginning of website construction, the first step is to select domain name, and the concept of user experience has been started here. A concise easy to understand and easy to remember domain name is the user experience is not necessary, he will continue to bring surprises for your network promotion, but also the cornerstone of success. You see, now the leading domestic Internet companies, such as Baidu, Taobao, NetEase and so on, its domain name is very good, remember and impressive, so that customers two visits and word of mouth has become very easy.

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