O2O model to save the local gateway new profit model highlights the effectiveness


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O2O mode and the Internet financial concepts are very popular, in fact the Internet finance to some extent and the O2O model have a close relationship, is a kind of mode through network marketing, sales of this new line, not only eliminates the network can not face caused by deceptive problems, but also can effectively improve the efficiency of communication, therefore subject to a lot of group purchase website, a kind of operation mode of local portal site very much, it can be said that the O2O will be able to half-dead local portal reactivation, produce more profit contributor.


O2O model is not necessarily a successful password,

to some extent, O2O model and local portal almost had a close relation, is an important way for local portal to expand profits, but the webmaster friends want to enjoy the O2O mode smoothly profits but also is not a very easy thing, after all, the earlier period of B2B mode now has achieved great success, many enterprises have established closely contact with the B2B platform, so if you want to establish a local portal through the O2O alliance among enterprises to get more profit, this possibility is very low, but is in the service of corporate profits will obviously be higher.

of course, in addition to the business, is the relationship between consumers and enterprises, that is to say the O2O mode for the traditional C2C mode will bring relatively large impact, including the B2C model, but the impact becomes much, but also a different people have different views of things, because the needs of the majority of local portal website owners to conduct the operation optimization according to the local actual situation, will it be possible to succeed in other words, the local portal does not necessarily bind the O2O will be able to succeed, but need to pay attention to some operation only.

grasp of local cultural customs, shengengxizuo or

then the local portal site how to O2O model will be successfully applied to the local portal site operators go? The key lies in the local portal site owners can combine humanities customs and local residents living habits closely, we can be successful, specifically from the details of operation can start from the following point.

understand the lives of local residents living in the local customs, general webmaster will have some understanding, but this understanding must be transformed into users’ content in the local portal will need some guidance, for example, to carry out some activities in the local portal, and some businesses will be invited to attend, businesses and consumers through the interaction of mutual recognition, so as to enhance the business attraction to consumers, and through the interactive way, local portal site link finally let the local portal act as a go-between, the formation of businesses and consumers to contact.


must do some research on the business, although the local portal does not play a role in the process of business and consumer communication

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