Starting from rookie personal webmaster website optimization twists and turns experience

website optimization for a long time, today I write down from the website optimization to now has a tortuous experience, but my experience is very limited, welcome to peer in the instruction of my master. Talk less and get to the point.

started a website to do is Qingdao computer repair site, was planned from the company, do free occupation, a fear of hungry, on the other hand I want to find a website to practice your hand, do a computer repair site, this site is to do with WordPress, familiar with WordPress friends all know this is a blog system, I was changed into a small and medium sized enterprises is a type of propaganda website, how the effect is also good, oh, the original is the programmer, this is myself.


just make the site on the SEO site are not familiar with this optimization, the idea is very simple, first make out the website linked to the Internet and the rest of the optimization of things after the line on the website in the process. Oh, do SEO master don’t laugh at me when I was a rookie, within the chain of the site, the site target keywords, keyword selection program, website structure have no concept, so the site after hastily launched. Now back to think about how much delay in the optimization of their own good opportunities and time ah. The following things we remember well, definitely my personal experience summary, novice friends can operate in accordance with my process, and personally feel that the process is still relatively clear.

1., the first step to determine the site’s target keywords, column keywords, write three labels

I was just beginning to do a website when not know keywords, know three labels, but did not cause enough attention, the problem was not found until later, when the site had to do a revision, great effort and time delay, the most critical is missed a lot of good time in website optimization. So everyone in the choice of their website target keywords and keyword column must be careful, there are three labels written, there are many related articles online, you can search to see, I’m not in this article if you have a long and minute statement, it is not clear where, by QQ contact me 516496031, if it is necessary I can find opportunities are described in another article.

2., second, submit the site to the major search engines

this step, most friends should be very familiar with, like Baidu, Google these big traffic must be submitted, as for the entrance address submitted by you to submit Baidu search site entrance this keyword can, on each search engine submission page articles are arranged.

3., third steps outside the chain, the chain, anchor text, friendship chain home, original article

third steps inside >

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