Some reflections on the upsurge of local portals

now more and more individual owners involved in local portal, even some of the portal also started fast, which of course is uneven in quality, doing some very good, there are also some do it like an upgraded version of the garbage station. Why are all people so keen on local portals? What are the attractions of local portals? I share some of my own views, shortcomings, and I would like to ask you to correct me.

1, the content span is large, the traffic base is large. Everyone sees the column structure of the local portal, and knows that there are no fewer than 200 large and small ones. Central, local, international, domestic, political, gossip, game, entertainment. In short, any small column out alone, can make a very big column. In short, the webmaster is this effect, through the local gateway alone way, combined with the local gateway weight advantage, must content span wide, achieve the acme. For traffic, it is obvious that so many columns do not necessarily require every column to do very well, but for search engines, there is always a hit. Also, for local users, so much content can always meet what you need. If you are not running a local portal, you will probably be judged as a garbage dump when you have so many columns. From this point of view, the local gateway and garbage station is only a Title difference.

2, easy to build high weight. Once the local portal operation, no matter how traffic, the weight must be high. Administrative departments at all levels of the site’s friends chain, all kinds of local friends of the chain, search engines like this website. At the same time, as the local portal site, go out to find someone to do when the chain of friends are very straight, tall, intonation are higher. Because what? Because I’m not a dumpster. I’m a portal, though it’s local. After the accumulation of time, the higher the weight, plus tens of millions of internal capacity, traffic is not up. Many enter the local portal of the webmaster, from the very beginning with such an idea.

3, traffic variable, business model is easy to change. High traffic website naturally, cash flow will be abundant, advertising everywhere, popups, video ads have everything. The early site provides such cash flow, the rapid accumulation of original capital, if well run, bigger, do regular, team, company operation, can quickly to bleach, change the business model. For example, the development of local forums, do mall, do group buying, for local features shops, advertising and so on. Who can still pursue your original sin?.

4, easy to make brand and reputation. Have to admit that there are some network circles, the cash flow of individual owners, there may be a station group, possibly through a long time accumulated a lot of sites caused by, there may be a site type Nabuchushou, webmasters and web sites is not known, rarely known to people in the circle. But for local portal owners, this point is different. Local portal >

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