What is the most important thing to do a website now

a lot of people think it is difficult to do web site, it needs cost, and needs a lot of things, but flinch.

comes together to analyze. Do a good website, first simple positioning, good location indicated the good direction, but we often to the site location in total in 3-5 months later changed the direction, with the increase of the experience, user interaction and passive site, can affect the positioning of the trend.

so the site positioning this piece is not very promising, there is a better, long-term fuzzy positioning can be.

website technology, software architecture, technology is not a major factor, many websites all focus on technology came in, I do not need, in addition to some technical type of website, or take the technology as the Internet site of an important aspects of the nature. Itself requires a combination of technologies, and the general type of website does not necessarily need technology, especially personal website, if does not have the technology, and have to go to the technical level, is often passive, especially when technicians out of touch, is affected when website of life and death. Many programs are now free, and the functions required by the general network are free or easy to get. A whole lot of data is available for hundreds of pieces. I have seen a self-made webmaster, got 100 thousand friends borrowing, ready to erect a huge site, light technology structure will need to spend 100 thousand. It will take another year. Later, when he spent the money, the site will end. Because there is no profit, no operation, everything hasn’t started yet. Web technology program, like singing the table. A very good lighting facilities, rotating large stage, of course, very attractive, high points, high specifications, but the cost of large. There are also many people in the open-air big stage, in the ready-made stadium, the big stage, can also perform incisively and vividly.

promotion operation, I recently very fancy this piece, the website who can do, the difference is in the promotion operation, who with the least cost to the most popular and brand, who is the winner. The website of Hao123 who can follow, and the appearance of 10 times, 10 times the domain name, but the extension and the flow of the big differences, fiction website who can do 5000 of the acquisition, the difference in flow popularity in the Admin5 program, the forum, a complete 200g program can download site 100, buy back can open, but how to create a download site out of a 100 thousand IP on it, there is no position, no technology, no other ideas, only how to promote, how to operate. Many people want to do industry sites, geographical sites, classification sites, the final difference in popularity. See the health website www.jtys120.com female moderator meow to do so well so many websites, content, classification of such intention, said a day less than 100 IP, it should be what is the use of this site, a person responsible for, not popular, where the value of the site. < >

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