Novice for help please give some information to network elders

unknowingly nearly half a year, and I do not understand the construction of the site until now, or do not fully understand. It feels like nothing, and the SEO aspect is depressing. People say what I feel justified, but not sure yourself in this nearly half a year, only 3 stations ( recently with manual work another station, now the machine to add articles, estimate the content after adequate point will be put out, alas, my previous article also describe yourself (, had tried very hard to write, of course, in addition to this there are more, but this is my feeling good results. Order is to promote themselves.

, but now that people are dying, the motivation is gone, or I don’t know what to learn. I want to learn everything, but I can’t do anything. As for the station, I don’t know much of the jargon. A lot of the code is not used, but I like to ask, like to ask someone to help solve. Because I have a master here, many problems that I can’t understand are not solved in his hands. As a result, my ability to solve problems has always been inferior. Of course, I just blame myself. Qiu Shida said, should go to Baidu search is useful, don’t move, ask people. I understand, but because it’s easy to get upset and not mind when solving problems, it’s enough to make me accomplish nothing in half a year.

I’m still working on the QQ station, one of the least promising stations, especially my initial search for QQ, which was a failure in the SEO because it wasn’t clear. Not only do the keyword even I do not know what it is, although now IP have money, but I despised. Although despise him, but he is one of my few garbage most IP. In any case, this station is a new milestone for me, and I will continue my business in the course of not violating the law, and keep my own way of looking at more articles. Although I read it, I forgot. I’ll stick to it. But this persistence does not mean I have learned anything, I want to learn what I am young, beat some of my shortcomings. Sublimation of their own merits.

in the nearly half year period, he also wanted to give up, even to a Real Estate Company interview, but I didn’t, because I really do love freedom, but I couldn’t get a ticket here, I can not guarantee the material aspects of love on the meeting. 3 months ago, I was confused, today is still like this, day after day, what should I do? Now I want to learn how to be a good station master. But my laziness struggles with my thoughts. My laziness also clearly defeated my idea. Who can point me out?

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