Reflection on misunderstanding of new station construction

novice first station, always into this or that kind of misunderstanding, used to think that whichever web design is very beautiful, feel which pictures are not even the website, always think site should have rich colors, rich picture browsing to attract users. I really appreciate the small stone net friend in browsing my, I was a wake up, my website homepage picture is too much, related articles connection is too little, what need to find yourself, it is very inconvenient. Think carefully, and found yourself caught in a past emphasis on Web site art and ignore the interaction of the wrong site.

on how to increase the interactive website of the article, there are many online, more classic or "ten aspects" on the interactive website, including both ranking or evaluation after all is mainly through the increased participation of users to improve the interaction of the website. However, the interactivity of the website should not be limited to improving the user’s participation. Interactive interaction is not only the user’s participation, but also should include the active guidance of the website.


site determines the different style of our home, if is the enterprise website, so the user must browse with a strong purpose multi picture browsing, can help users to understand the function of enterprise website and so on, but as the main to provide information services, do not have the membership system love call center. Too much emphasis on home pictures art while weakening the information to provide users will inevitably lead to stay reduced, because the user cannot obtain enough information from the home page.

, for the problems I found, I made some changes to the homepage:

1) will be the original home page each column with a picture and display 5 change this to delete pictures, increase the number; each column can be fully displayed on the home page, allowing users to more easily and quickly find the articles of interest;

2) was placed in the corner of the search bar in the middle column and give wonderful recommendation eye-catching settings and expand the input field, allowing users to find can open home directly after the search bar to search the information she needed.

3), pages to add the latest articles and columns and the number of recommended articles, and plans, pages under the bar to increase all kinds of articles show increase in the mutual links, so that users can easily find the relevant category browse the article articles without the need to return to the home page for.

4) the title of the home page from the picture to text, in reducing the home page column display, increase the home page related keyword density, to facilitate the search engine crawl.

is a new site to reflect the process of continuous improvement, thanks to every friend to support this site, thank each one of the suggestions and opinions of the friend to help me. The Great Wall was not built in a day, I hope as the first station of friends and I can get some inspiration from my article (>.

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