On 2009 China fair of first network business

1: faith and hope

from the network, the popularity of the atmosphere made us feel the confidence and hope. Taobao’s large number of 8090 after the young seller, let us feel confident and hope. Ma Yun said: "I tell you that opportunities haven’t started yet, and all opportunities will really begin in the next ten years."." This sentence made us feel confident and hope. Alibaba after ten years of development that the Internet there is hope in Chinese, the Internet will improve the Chinese, promote the development of China, the firm we believe the electronic commerce, electronic commerce will develop in Chinese, this also let us feel the confidence and hope. So, please stick to your choice and hold on to your dream!


2: integrity

Ma Yun said: "the greatest value of network business is integrity."". Alibaba in the next five years will promote and promote the power of network goods, and then five years to promote network regulations. Require supply company integrity, requiring buyers integrity, and enforce the integrity of the seller. All of these let us have reason to believe that in the near future, e-commerce will become more standardized and credible!!


3: the quality of success

a, open mind. B, the spirit of sharing. C, take responsibility. D, the vision of globalization. About these points, originally for Alibaba. However, I think these views are of great significance to each of us.

4: Alibaba’s commitment

We will do our best to build the

support network, net goods, network planning, the next ten years Alibaba’s mission is to create new commercial civilization, we must let the integrity, openness, sharing responsibility and globalization business success.

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