Share some of my profit stories from my computer maintenance site

here I write to share my experience and site management, I have been keen on computer technology, has its own work, but I want to do some of the things you want to do after work, so the Liuzhou computer repair network ( was born.


program is to use DEDE5.0 to do, use the template is a template download system, I feel more beautiful and concise, the framework set good after I began to Baidu ah, GG ah, YAHOO ah for connection, and then in the back of DEDE made the acquisition of some of the original data collection rules, all packed well, is pleased for GG advertising, waiting to receive $o (a _ o (U)… ~ ~ ~ now seems how tragic idea). In the next 2 weeks, Baidu and GG have been included in my site, so all over the place to play small ads. But what about IP? Just 2-3. Oh, my God, when will GG be $100?.. The mood suddenly cold, this is not in the shrimp bullshit well, calm down and think about how I want to do. How can I bring my stand to make money? Every day to see a lot of ADMIN5 in the heroes that do this station how to make money, how big do the station flow, and the actual operation to here is not really the case, by GG at present is unthinkable, by pulling this advertisement? IP I prefer not to lose this one, a confused and want to give up the mentality of leisurely life.

but this is my hobby. It can be said that I have to do it. I don’t want to make any profit. I need more encouragement of achievement. So chaotic and received 1 months, this month I every day to write some of my previous experience for customer service, are all original, every day at least write an article. Collection, I also gave up, and GG too lazy to see if there is no point, I would like to write for myself to stay in the journey of life review. It is the tragedy of fate had finally started to change in the website that day, one day a strange phone call to me: "Hello, here is your computer maintenance network Liuzhou? I have a problem here computer that you can deal with the door? What charge?" asked a series of questions I have a bit of mongolia. My answer is I now remember, only remember my biggest comfort, I got the power, I think I can! In the evening I analyzed my site positioning target, I’ll have it framed in Liuzhou, I don’t get those clouds by computer learning materials, the computer news, I have one goal: "Liuzhou computer maintenance", I want to do a special service. Have a clear goal, to enhance my power to 200%, more frequently write original and publicity, the average daily today will have people call me demand site computer repair services, in accordance with the market price of a computer repair standard price is 30 yuan, good luck if they sell some related accessories this is a down. Ha-ha。 The heart is content.

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