Some ideas about promoting websites through Sina micro blog

was tired all day and finally had time to write about the website. I contact micro-blog time is not long, probably in the past few months, and I thought it was nothing fun, and now think micro-blog is really a good thing. Just contact micro-blog is playing twitter, for some reason, domestic up more trouble, so I also gave up. It is said that the number of domestic twitter playing only 100 thousand people are really ah, ah oh. Now the more well-known domestic micro-blog, even Sina, what to do, whisper, 9911 good, I have a number in each micro-blog.

first of all, register a pile of meager accounts, pay attention to registration information, the best agreement, convenient management, save the province can not remember. Then find a beautiful picture for your micro-blog, make a personal portrait, try to be hot, attract attention, and add more people’s attention to the introduction. Well, it’s really important. A good picture can attract lots of people to follow.

and then add a couple of interesting micro-blog to make your micro-blog seem to be managed. The next step is to add a concern, the beginning did not concern you, you will not see the message, add a lot of follow others, then there will be people who follow you, Sina micro-blog (more than 200 people a day will be limited), other micro-blog I have not tried to remember to add more oh can follow down! Began to publish their own promotion micro-blog, released the news that you have to look at what kind of love, I added some beautiful pictures or Taobao pictures, these things many people will click, and then will go to your room and follow the view from you. Don’t always remember to promote and ignore your friends to follow your comments and private messages, perhaps you can know a lot of interesting people. Oh, and occasionally update their mood is good. If there is not enough energy to give each micro-blog add it with micro-blog update binding, what micro-blog is a good idea, it can bind most popular micro-blog update, each update hanging behind his website link and then released. Although most micro-blog will modify the connection, it will still link to their website. Today suddenly found their website Google included page actually has several from what links in Google every day to ha Zuosa home to catch information, I just forgot (hey in scraper are now a lot of micro-blog mobile phone client, can update their micro-blog whenever and wherever possible, that is to say, any promotion


finally said what he was doing and Sina, micro-blog’s personal view. What do people think micro-blog is a good stuff, although Sina micro-blog users but most of them just opened not to play, and what is a grassroots micro-blog website home page will display the latest update for everyone, and Sina just show some celebrity micro-blog, and small content what is more original, while sina will often see news as micro-blog may be reproduced, Sina News too haha.

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