Analysis of what views restricted the development of Taobao customers

for Taobao guest website, I believe the pig do not explain what, we all know that this is a commission by the promotion of Wangzhuan form, around a lot of friends in this way as a springboard for his master career, really have a lot of friends on Taobao guest to earn the money, but this is all year ago, now Taobao guest website is becoming increasingly fierce, in the past some of the details in the current fierce competition continued to enlarge, so we had to face these problems, although not let their own webmaster career directly over, but also will bring you the "occupation career" a lot of unnecessary trouble.

focuses on the profit promotion, rather than betting type "slimming", "breast enhancement medicine" marketing

said Taobao customer product selection, many friends will choose the high commission, to promote the high success rate of product promotion as their baby, so choose no doubt, because everyone wants to earn some money, but you always have friends in the choice of baby is too single, not less fertilizer, is the breast enhancement medicine. From these products promotion commission ratio is very high, a day to earn a living is enough. However, such a choice concept is somewhat too naive, because the higher the Commission of weight loss drugs, the greater the competition in the industry, which for beginners in the industry novice, the difficulty is too great. In fact, money is not necessarily in the hot zone, some search volume can also be, but others don’t often get involved in the field, as long as doing can make money, is now operating Phoenix boryeong, although the search is not up to 6000 high level, but there will be a day or a few hundred dollars of income, this is a for example, so we do not limit their own thinking, a prerequisite for profit is not a weight loss drug, but efficient promotion.

single page and website promotion each has its disadvantages, no one is better, only who can suit you

a lot of friends in the choice of promotion platform, don’t ask me a single page or web site promotion, promotion, because in the eyes of many friends, single page promotion, not only limited the number of products, more important is to give others a professional feeling, even affect their own performance promotion. In fact, this is just one hand, everything has two sides, single page promotion has its own drawbacks, but a clear, single page promotion theme content update pressure is small, suitable for everyone to do part-time or large number of business, in addition, product updates more objective, project can be copied to a short period of time is a single page website promotion and product advantages, these advantages, but its traffic sources, "more functions, so as to improve the user experience, increase website weight also many opportunities, and these are the advantages of single page do not have, so everyone in the choice of promotion way, what kind of methods can not simply defined, which method is not good, the key lies in their actual situation, if you love energy is limited, do fine promotion, so a single page can reverse The same is true.


is not a visitor positive contact, but the user experience must be good "

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