Eleven long vacation comes the second hand vehicle website builds the brand to be ready

Mid Autumn Festival just after eleven National Day holiday comes, at this time of the year, car trading will enter the "golden nine silver ten" sales season. This year is no exception, especially the second-hand car market is particularly hot. Especially the "eleven" seven day long vacation, travel travel people in the short term, a large number of increase, and for some purchasing power is not strong young people, second-hand car is undoubtedly an affordable choice. From the end of last year, the country increased the car scrappage subsidies, but also to the second-hand car market has injected a tonic, second-hand car trading volume and turnover also increased significantly.

second-hand car trading market unpopular, not only reflects the online also extended to the line, the traditional trading market gradually moved to the network platform. Vertical second-hand car trading website as a second-hand car online trading platform carrier, is playing an increasingly important role. According to iResearch data released by the show, 2009Q3 China Automotive vertical website overall effective browsing time slowed down, an increase of 6%. Its chain growth rate for the two consecutive quarter of more than 100%. The reason is that the rapid growth in the first three quarters of 2009 Chinese second-hand car trading volume, the first three quarters of 2009, a total of 2 million 383 thousand used car transaction, an increase of 28.4%, several professional second-hand car trading website, its quarterly browsing time can be rapid growth, rapid increase user stickiness. Compared to the new car market, second-hand car trading is more dynamic. This year, affected by the favorable national policy and stimulate various show, vertical type of second-hand car trading website will usher in a new growth period, especially at the end of the golden era of automobile trade, the second-hand car website poised to take advantage of the resources to play, to seize the market.

looking at today’s used car online transactions, the market demand has driven the development of the website. The major second-hand car websites have been more mature, and have a certain user base and market share. Small and medium used vehicle sites difficult to survive. How to stand out from here, we must build our own brand. This is because, first of all, the second-hand vehicle website competition, especially the larger domestic several second-hand car trading website to monopolize the market, although the second-hand car trading online has the characteristics of local vertical, but large site strength, and the next line of business contacts, the site has covered the whole country each big city. Only the brand effect, can in many second-hand car website has a higher degree of user identification; in addition, the second-hand car online trading target user group is more extensive, young and old, they don’t have to know the difference of the network, which may have a large part of the primary users of the Internet. Electronic commerce and do not understand. And this kind of user is the main purchasing power of used car trade. If the site can not produce brand effect, relying solely on search engines and network promotion, it may lose a large number of high-quality user resources, and only the brand effect in order to tap more new users from the line.

for second-hand car sites, how to create a good brand effect, in addition to online promotion, but should pay attention to offline publicity. >

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