About soft in some of the phenomenon of observation

soft charm in the network promotion means, its effect is obvious to people, so soft, has become an important concept and means, especially of the original text, but a lot of people favored a plus, but did not think of is, from money, cheat, cheat, cheat feelings, now also evolution to deceive the soft up on the road. What a surprise. In fact, I often write some text, some are for their own, some are for others, for others to write some soft Wen, there is friendship gift, some also received smoke tea money, the reason is very simple, the so-called Helenians money, help people ward off evil, I give my talent, it should receive a fee when. With their own hands to make money, avoid leaning to either side. And now these soft found some interesting phenomena, write to share with you 15, as the capital at leisure for amusement, chat


one, copy soft text

Kong Yiji said, reading people, stealing also means not steal, also in fact shameful! Now write soft Wen, basically are copy. Here is a cut, got a few hundred words to put all sorts of things together, finally, have no amount of matter, called, pseudo original, think of it, it is absurd big delay, and the soft can release, it is graph king. No A5 platform, there are so many soft Wen,

soft text quality is uneven, will affect the soft Wen reputation. Estimation of the requirements of the original, real feelings of the soft, and pay more attention to literary text, will become the trend of a kind of soft webmaster development.

two, turn soft text

to soft text is more interesting. Basically, several large websites are reprinted. Especially the webmaster class, mostly from A5 and webmaster station. What A5 is, what his station, including typos. Title。 A discerning eye, is actually a robot doing. In fact, very sad.

and turn soft, what is the most shameful? That is, reprinted the soft text of others, but also high sounding as has been, take up other people’s literary talent, even the name does not stay. People should be shameless to this point. In fact, do standing, such as life. Give roses, left hand, why must people under the pain killer


three, ask soft Wen

these days stroll A5, ask for soft Wen, see the post straight want to laugh, 10 yuan article, 5 yuan / article, if the condition can, please add me QQ, first write a try. It is thought that writing is what ah, the eternal things, and don’t text Cunxin know, so worthless?

to 10 yuan, I will waste the talent, 10 yuan a bird? I might as well climb ten floor every day, good exercise, at least do not need to use my brain.

and those who cheat Wen, said a price, then we can say, long-term cooperation, and then say, you write to me, a blind bullshit.

if you want to write, money first, after writing, write pre draft manuscript, aside to cool.

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