How to make the site stand out the user experience is the most critical

Internet plunged into the cold winter, the survival pressure of small sites is growing. How to make your website stand out in many websites is a problem for every website administrator to think over. We always consider how to improve website rankings, consider how to cater to the search engine’s love, if one day we do not rely on search engines to get traffic to your site, there will be people we love? Your site is not only to cater to the search engine’s love, and the more we provide the content of visitors if you truly need them, really meet their needs. If we provide content just cheat search engine, unable to meet the needs of users, we have lost the establishment significance, eventually flow to convert, if simply to make the flow and ranking, has no meaning. Therefore, the content quality is not only original enough, more users really need high-quality content.

so I hope we don’t just change the content of the Internet to the end of the title, even if it’s original. Of course, I don’t deny it. I thought for a long time, decided to concentrate on green stand-alone game station. Although the game station is hard to do now, I have my own idea. First, the game must be made green and available for download. After downloading online games, only the implementation of green installation games, you can enjoy the game. Second, the game compressed with 7z, you can increase the compression ratio, reduce the capacity of the game package. Third, display the information of your forum before starting the game. Since the site started a month ago, the number of visitors has increased to nearly 1000 per day. Although it’s not large, I’m sure it will get better and better.

so far, there are some problems that need to be addressed. First, because there is no forum management experience, so the lack of popularity, but also need to mobilize the enthusiasm of users. Two is the game provides outside the station to download, does not have to guard against theft, therefore the peak time, the game downloading is quite slow. Future releases will be diverted via SkyDrive.

domain name, I want to say. When it comes to video games, the domain name is best transferred to foreign countries. Otherwise, the domain name was deactivated and everything went to waste.

finally, I want to say, no matter what to do, must have perseverance, can persist. Never give up halfway. PS my green stand-alone game station, I hope everyone can make their own characteristics. Harvest your own traffic.

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