Website to Neiwaijianxiu Learn the 6 principles of improving web usability first

editor’s note: there are usually three types of Web sites, one that is creative, not designed, and content based, which is represented by 1024 and square systems. The second is the color design, experience bad, finally this kind of visual Kung Fu is good, the availability of a great website to keep visitors today, share the 6 basic principle of improving usability, user experience is the foundation of knowledge, novice



usually, there are three types of Web sites:

‘s first website has great originality and design. Such sites will make you "Wow" praise. But unfortunately, they don’t have much more than good design.

second sites lack originality and design, but you can find what you want right away, but will you turn them off because of their lack of visual appeal?

‘s best web site is a perfect combination of usability and visual appeal. Such a site will attract you to keep visiting it. From marketing point of view, this is the best type.

good sites don’t have any value if they don’t allow users to keep on accessing, increasing conversion rates, or reaching sales goals. If you want them back, instead of just turning off after a compliment. You should not just satisfy the visual pleasure of the user.

if your goal is to expect users to go back to your site and become loyal users, you should consider improving web usability and user centered design principles. This means focusing on the needs of users and providing them with efficient and easy to use websites. If you do, you’ll have faith. It’s that simple.

note that improving usability is not equivalent to improving the user experience. The focus of the user experience is to increase the user’s psychological positive feelings. Of course, increasing usability will make your users happy, which will eventually lead to a positive user experience.

, let’s start by talking about a few simple principles for improving usability.

, don’t let users think about

, which is the most important principle for improving usability, is proposed by Steve Krug in his book "Don t Make Me Think".

The designer must read books

, in "super good!" in the designer complete self-study guide is strongly recommended, but also with PDF download.

pages should be understood by people first. Users subconsciously know where to order and where to get what they want. No need to think about it.

does this without doubt making your users happy. Let’s take MailChimp for a classic example.


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