More slowly than the slow direction is lost as the pond and the netting

"you are" differentiated marketing "idea is still too slow," look at me "how different marketing" shied away from the grassroots, a friend said.


success seems so close, but it’s always so far away,

this is a feedback expected, in fact about network marketing, about SEO, about getting rich quickly on the Internet "as long as you do as I say," you can "" copy "with extreme ease" "get rich quick collection" has been beyond count. But I believe that Professor Li Shulei "said:" radical "what I am in China product thirty years of life experience, I know that was so easily specified, like as easy as blowing off dust can choose the (successful) road is suspect".

, of course, "easy and fast success", "relaxed, fast and successful" at the same time, "comfortable" to enjoy life, is the natural instinct of every age, everyone’s desire. But each time and success, today the successful people are well controlled his anxious desire, clearly understand the situation, analyze its shortcomings, find a breakthrough the most suitable for their own development, constantly improve their learning, "turn tail man", was the last step by step to success unremittingly. The. Their success has nothing to do with ease.

why this time particularly praised easily and quickly successful "? I think it is because in the thirty years of rapid development of China economy, produce too many opportunities, many people seize this opportunity to get rich quick, in the eyes of others is very easy to get rich, just because of this precedent." with rapid success "has become the common expectation of the whole society, young webmaster, SEOER who think that is a very natural thing.

The universal law of

but this song "000 for easily and quickly successful" real examples but could not conceal the more "not easy success", compared with the real case of these so-called "easy success", I would like to believe that ZAC, and then the successful case Sassou moon et al, admittedly, their success have some luck, but their success, success is closer to ordinary people, also is consistent with the success of the law more generally — "appropriate goals + highlights the self advantage right way + persistence = success".


‘s "faster success" is the voice of many aspiring young people,

therefore, now more grassroots webmaster, SEOER should not be too concerned about the pace of development (which is often deliberately and external comparison), important also is not a form of work or business when the boss, but if I walk in "to realize their dreams

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