Do electricity supplier operators in fact do these two things not set way

recently saw a question that asked me to solve basic operations through a set of mathematical models, which reminded me of my memory.

I never graduated from senior had thought about the same routine, then want to pull with mathematics, just enter the Ali Algorithm Engineer near senior advised people partnership, was brother to see an idiot despised ~ until read Soros’s theory to understand: only if it is assumed that all human behaviors are starting from the rational perspective, in order to find a stable like physics analytical solution, and people are completely rational? Impossible。

now operators do believe the pure technology flow should not be much, this is because of the pure technical flow of business operations like SEO, it is the premise of the platform for users to produce optimal results algorithm not everyone wants, but with the search algorithm of continuous improvement, large businesses steadily grounded expansion Taobao Tmall gradually become some big coffee resources to fight, fight, fight the product experience of the battlefield, ignoring the pure technology of the product itself will be more and more difficult to do operation flow.

pulled so much back to the subject, I think the executive level of the electricity supplier operation in essence, do these two things:

1. makes your product more cost-effective than others

2. let you know that your product is more cost-effective than others

that’s all for now. It’s rough, but there’s very little to do.

here, cost-effective refers to cost-effective, not only refers to the price, but no matter the product is more expensive than the opponent, cheaper than competitors, or the same price, need a set of self consistent logic, can justify.

said the examples of health care products in the fish oil has a brand called European Cuien, high purity fish oil 60 grain sold 799, more expensive than others. In the face of price disparity, only emphasized the benefits of fish oil is useless, so they put forward the effective compositions of Omega-3 in fish oil at least reach above 85% is effective, and low purity of fish oil or even harmful. No matter whether the source is reliable, the consumer is a effective propaganda — is expensive because of high purity, high purity, low purity of fish oil is cheap but harmful. This logic can be said.

so the price is not dominant, the basic functional attributes do not spend too much ink to promotional merchandise (health care function, and fish oil) must be more emphasis on their own exclusive properties (high purity natural etc.) and the property caused by the effect of gap (which are of high purity and low purity harmful effect VS).

why should there be logic when prices are so dominant?

often do low-cost activities of the friends must encounter this situation, on the fold 800, roll skin, every day after special activities, do not do well, return the words, DSR basically have to drop a section. In addition to these activities, the flow itself is relatively poor (mostly sensitive to the price, no loyalty, greedy users), these people are actually useful to keep

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