Statistical analysis of website traffic

our life diary, can record the emotions, records of the growth experience, then the website traffic statistics? It is to record the daily visit of the site, record the changes in website access. It looks like a rain watch. In the website of commercial behavior, the analysis of enterprise website traffic is indispensable to an enterprise website. < < > > Sun Tzu; cloud: know thyself, know yourself. So a site traffic statistics analysis is the enterprise "confidant" channel. For enterprises to network marketing, brand promotion has a link between the preceding and the following. You can see from the website traffic statistics that users are interested in their products / services, and they are potential customers. For example, you’ll have to advertise on the Internet in the near future. Then the site traffic statistical analysis can be very intuitive analysis of the effectiveness of marketing with your specific circumstances, give you a better adjustment of marketing strategy to provide reliable data to support, so as to win. Well, below we understand some of the three party website traffic statistical analysis system of some function.

third party traffic statistics system generally includes the following functions:

1, statistical profile analysis,

A summary of

site integration. Make a general overview of the site’s PV, independent visitors, etc., by day / year.

2, according to the online situation analysis,

online situation analysis records the activity information of online users, including visiting time, visitor area, antecedents page, current stay page and so on. These functions are very helpful for enterprises to control their website traffic in real time.

3, time segment analysis,

analysis of time flow variations provide website any time. Or a certain period of time to change the flow for a certain period of time, such as small time distribution, traffic distribution, there is a good time for enterprises to understand the analysis of user browsing the web, such as business investment Baidu ads Valley brother advertising, you can choose this time to put more resource and energy. Increase conversion rate.

4, by search engine analysis,

search engine statistical analysis provides the search engine keyword search frequency, IP, independent visitors, the number of searches per capita, page stay time and other data. These data allow enterprises to understand what keywords users through to find their own site, then do SEO / Baidu bidding, provide some data analysis. Improve the accuracy of keywords.

5, according to antecedents analysis

antecedents domain name analysis provides the antecedents of domain names brought by the number of visits, IP, independent visitors, new independent visitors, new visitors, the number of visits, the total number of visits in the station and other data. This data allows enterprises to directly understand the effectiveness of the promotion of antecedents, thereby analyzing the advertising effect of those sites put more obvious.

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