The Ding Dong District crisis to the community O2O entrepreneurs mention what


overnight, Ding Dong District seems to pierce the sky, all kinds of rumors, from the transfer of capital chain rupture to admit the contraction of layoffs, known as the scenery to get 100 million dollars investment in the Beijing Shanghai Ding Dong, Ding Dong District full of advertising finally planted the first big somersault, Ding Dong District will not be the last one in the way of people O2O wrestling this incident is just the impetuous, a microcosm of O2O investment period, also confirmed the rapid development of today’s problems in the period of O2O.

O2O, Chinese involved 1 billion 300 million people, more than 3000 counties, the most down to earth model, as long as the current Internet project, how much to instill the concept of some O2O, it seems to not strive, but the contraction event buzz District, as O2O practitioners, we should draw some lessons.


rapid expansion of gambling

this is a common problem to get capital after the product, the investor’s money, is bound to take, to quickly into the circle of users, and not about the product itself, the user experience to what point, as long as there are users, have a certain flow, there will be the capital value of the so-called, the logic of the body, is actually a kind of paradox, in fact this is the use of the Ding Dong District, the capital, the rapid expansion of the team, and the center of gravity is divided into push and push the focus of advertising, a small part of the property and is to expand the business, for the expansion of residential users and software installed more.

the advantage, can use the media exposure, short-term star their own brand building advertising image, down to earth to attract first approved seed users, quasi seed users into seed users and loyal users have viscosity, this process is forced to cultivate the habit of users.


team but the Ding Dong District of the most important problems of the product itself based on

Is the architecture of

1. products justified?


seems logical products Ding Dong District are in line with the residential needs of users, but are basically light based on the needs of the design but the Ding Dong District extremely social function in depth, the intention of force in the social field O2O+. The two are contradictory. Platform products, it is difficult to produce depth of content, but the content of shallow, there is no training habits of users. This is due to the problem of the product itself.

2. new bottled wine

have to say, the functional design, the Ding Dong District more comprehensive, mainly divided into "my" area "surrounding areas" two categories, two functions from the traditional Internet perspective, two is the product of the fusion of a bulletin board, namely BBS, another is the 58 city and Ganji is the information classification model, only the Ding Dong District is based on the LBS position of the "last mile", in essence, products or simply two kinds, the lack of new ideas, is just a simple transplant, and excessive tandaqiuquan.

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