How to make a business Jingdong see Ali double 11 war

"double 11" is coming, the major electricity supplier platform has been eager for a fight. Just before the creation of this shopping spree day before the arrival of China’s two largest electricity supplier platform and Jingdong big double war started in advance.


yesterday, according to the relevant media blue whale TMT network reported that the day before Ali made "a registered trademark of double eleven", and authorized Tmall exclusive use of the trademark, the company shall not use any other institutions. According to the exposure of the notice letter showed that Ali group has China achieved "double eleven" registered trademark (Registration Number: 1013647010136420), authorized by the Alibaba group, Tmall will "double eleven" trademark exclusive right, protected by law, any other person to use behavior is trademark infringement.

in the China Trademark network (State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office website) information display, Alibaba group is indeed registered trademark of double eleven. Ali registered "double eleven" trademark in addition, notice also that the minority business enterprise malicious slander Taobao, Tmall brand, constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition.

The following

exposure to blue whale TMT net internal Ali related information:


(ALI internal mail exposure)


(Ali’s notice to the media)


(ALI registered double eleven mark)

today morning, the Jingdong issued [to the national media partners] an open letter to the incident to respond. Jingdong said in a statement, an electricity supplier companies do this is contrary to the spirit of open Internet, contrary to the principle of fair competition. In fact, in the name of the law, the practice of monopoly, in essence, the majority of consumers should be limited to enjoy the full right to know, the right to choose and participate in the interests of the interests of consumers.

in addition, the Jingdong also said he would not be so "stingy", 618 anniversary next year, Jingdong will GF "Heroes", invite friends and colleagues to participate in the 618 online shopping carnival, common for consumers to bring benefits and interests.

Jingdong responded as follows:

members of the national media partners:

the last two weeks, the country’s major television stations, radio stations, outdoor media, Internet media advertising business people are the same thing by a business enterprise pass to send a letter to the "notice" a letter, strongly worded appeal to the media not to publish promotional with "double eleven" advertisement for other business enterprise.

the electricity supplier companies claim that double eleven and other brands in recent years, the country

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