How to use a mobile system to build your own web site

The recent establishment of

search data, found a lot of "site Raiders" and "integration site" strategy, content is new (referring to just contact the Internet or website people) how to build a website of your own. However, the relevant information and information are relatively remote, and it is not suitable for the current Internet environment. Therefore, in order to keep pace with the times, so that new contacts, mobile novice can easily own their own web site, there is this article.

compared to two years ago, now to make a website is really very simple, a lot of Web site management system, build system of birth, as long as willing to spend some time and effort, do a also be nothing difficult. What, heartbeat? Well, let’s get started.

a web site must have three things to run independently, normally:

1, the domain name of the website, such as:,

2, the space that the website stores, or the environment that the website runs.

3, website system.

first introduce the above three things, let us have a general understanding of them, the actual operation will be more handy.

1: domain name

1, domain name: popular point of view, that is, the website address. Like we know, is NetEase, is the same as Sina, each website needs such an address, and only with a domain name, others can access your website.

2 domain structure: as beginners we don’t need to understand the history and specific structure of the domain name, only need to know that "www" is not need to change the ".Com" at the end of the international domain name, ".Cn" at the end of the domestic domain. At present, the number of domain names in China needs to be superfluous. Therefore, if you want to register a good or meaningful domain name, the domain name of your country should be much simpler. The rest of the middle part, such as the of the 163 QQ, part of, is that we need to register, as you call Zhang San, can register or and so on, as long as you looked comfortable on the line.

3, where can I register the domain name?

At present,

domain name registration, only a few million Internet era, but the domain name registration agent is very much. However, as a beginner, I still recommend to the Internet ( or mobile host ( to register, the former is the domain name management, simple operation, and the latter is more convenient for the management of mobile sites.

4, price

The price of the

domain name fluctuates

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