Talk about website navigation design not all websites need navigation

 :      ;       site planning, seventy of the work is done around the site navigation – this sentence is wrong. Many excellent websites succeed in navigation design, and many bad failures in navigation design, this phenomenon does exist, but this does not mean that navigation design occupies the absolute focus of website planning work.

, not all websites need navigation,

planned this kind of thinking activity, once formed the inertia, also lost creativity. A lot of friends engaged in site planning, always focus on the site navigation, many sites did not need a navigation, therefore, the correct site planning thinking should be first clear whether we need navigation ", then" we need what kind of navigation

has only one page of the site, and they don’t need navigation. Company profile, product service, name card type of such website is widely used in domestic small and medium-sized enterprises in the form of these contents can often be carried out on a page in the website construction company; in order to improve the website name card price will be deliberately complicated, at the same time in order to save the cost of the navigation stylized, cost and waste the user operation cumbersome; a minimalist website, efficient communication, purely functional, does not require navigation interference; if we can in the least the page to make things clear, don’t waste any more of the page, this is to save social resources, but also to save time.


usability research website (Nielsen) is a typical web site without navigation bar

story line web site, they don’t need navigation. Linear thinking can step leading the user to enter the destination, as long as the content is not enough to attract users, then click on the contents of communication increase stint; this narrative focuses on the depth of content, Step By Step allows users to understand the content, do not want the user to browse by leaps and bounds. The story website does not bring broad traffic, must look like a slide as a page click down, and it can bring profound influence and dissemination, users often browse the breath end, and rarely go back through; if so, the story line of the site there is what meaning? Obviously, the main story is a tool for website for viral marketing, people usually put their love story website through various channels to share with their friends and relatives.


‘s famous Web standard reading book, "why is it unwise to use table forms", uses linear, non navigational reading,


users often don’t know the presence of navigation on the site,

everyone has websites that are frequently used, even websites

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