How to run a successful blog more effectively

and many comrades in the group have discussed the problem. Today, take some time to write a summary, I hope we can learn from it.

1, blog’s four seasons

1, when the blog was built, be as diligent as a bee,

reference blog: all new blogs.

that’s obvious. I’m sure many beginners can do that. Why? Because of interest?. Whether it’s a "boarding" blog or an independent blog, the comrades who are interested in starting their own blogs are ultimately interested in an interest. So in the beginning, this interest point will have a lot of magic to drive you and make you unusually industrious: busy with interface beautification, busy with content, busy with SEO optimization, and busy with promotion…… This is actually a good start. The question is, how long can you hold it for 1 months? 2 months?…… Soon, apart from a small number of cattle B guy, second stage you will usher in a blog (I called the "second season").

2, blog second season, be as strong as steel,

reference blog: low once

can be quite crowded with people in the second season, but there are not many people who can spend the second season. Why? Because of heart failure. Blog more or less will have a beautiful wish: bustling dream, dream dreams and profound influence a hundred responses to a single call…… But to the blog this season, many difficulties, many embarrassing began (that is, this is a psychological problem, because it is always there, but you from this time began to consciously pay attention to it). For example, it may be even less traffic, you can not bear; for example included, you may work hard for 3 months, also is only included a home only; such as comments, in not much traffic at the same time, it is logical to scanty…… All this can not make you feel embarrassed, then this is It’s only human. down instantly? Ah, points of interest are exhausted, if there is no power of how to do? This time, you need to be strong, as strong as steel; to institute; learn to endure loneliness, loneliness and savings in the outbreak force (to hard down, continue to enrich!).

3, blog third season, be as sensitive as a police dog,

reference blog: Luke blog

is no exaggeration to say, can go to this stage are cattle. At this time, your potential energy began to erupt, you taste the joy of harvest: blog traffic began to stabilize at a considerable level, and even record highs; you collect and link back to your PR grow with each passing day;, the ranking also slowly climbed up the beginning; more people are paying attention to you talk, or even expect a small point of view, can also be a ripple…… How difficult it is! Yes, you are fully qualified to be proud of yourself. But then, how do you go about the road? Have you thought about it? Sure

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