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Beijing on August 12th news, the well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalists – Horowitz Ben Horowitz published an article that the founder in the management of our company fails, as is usually the case because he did not want to serve as CEO, or in CEO dilemma. To solve this problem, the founder must be aware of which key participation and what should not be involved in the product development process, and appropriately grasp the degree of "participation" and "exit".

every time I receive this email, I will definitely reply to them: "I will not change the article again, but I will write a new one.". I think the founder failed in managing the company he founded, mainly for three reasons:

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– Horowitz is a well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalists, he and Mark – Anderson Marc Andreessen jointly created Vc firm Andreessen Horowitz, has been among the top Silicon Valley VC list. In addition, he also founded the data center automation software provider Opsware formerly known as Loudcloud, after the acquisition of HP, and served as CEO post. Prior to that, he also served as senior executive in a number of product divisions at the Netscape Co Netscape. Now he works on the boards of several companies, including apriza, Foursquare, Jawbone, Lytro, Magnet, NationBuilder, Okta, Rap, Genius, SnapLogic, and Tidemark.

has been, I have advocated the founder’s own management company, so when the founder failed to lead the development and expansion of the company, or by CEO instead of occupation, will send the message to tell me about your problem. They will ask me, "Ben, what’s going on? Why do you think the founder can do better? Will you add new ideas to the article you wrote about" why do we love to start CEO "

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below is the article details:

2, the board panicked. The founder was reluctant to act as a CEO, so when the board saw he made a mistake, he panicked and decided to change the CEO hastily. This >

1, the founder didn’t want to be CEO. Not all inventors are willing to run the company. If you hate being a CEO, you have a very high probability of failure. Being a qualified CEO requires great management skills that are difficult to master. If the founder does not have a strong will, then it will be difficult to succeed. If the founder doesn’t want to be a CEO, it doesn’t matter, but he has to understand that as soon as possible, or else he’s going to give himself and other people a lot of pain.

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